Step-by-Step how to tie a Noose

  1. Form a non-overlapping curve (bight) with the tipped end (working end at the bottom I'm Stumped
  2. Cross the working end over the other end (standing end) to form an "overhand" loop I'm Stumped
  3. Pass the working end underneath the first part of the loop and I'm Stumped
  4. and underneath the second part of the loop to form a second loop I'm Stumped
  5. Then wrap the working end over and through the second loop I'm Stumped
  6. And pull to tighten. This is the finished knot. I'm Stumped
  7. What makes it a running knot is that you can expand the loop I'm Stumped
  8. and contract the loop. I'm Stumped
  9. It can be made very large I'm Stumped
  10. and when put over an object I'm Stumped
  11. and tension is applied, it will tighten around the object. I'm Stumped

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About the Noose

Also called:
-Boling knot

-Effective way to create a fixed loop at the end of a rope and used by climbers, sailors, rescue personnel, and more.

-One of the "essential knots." Effective way to create a fixed loop at the end of a rope.
-Easy to tie.
-Easy to untie

-Can work loose when not under load
-Slips when pulled sideways
-Can capsize

-For a more secure knot, the Double bwoline, waterboline, and yosmite boline are recommended

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